Triumph Daytona 660 vs Kawasaki Ninja 650 vs Honda CBR


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In the dynamic landscape of the middleweight sport tourer segment in India, three formidable contenders have surfaced—the Triumph Daytona 660, Kawasaki Ninja 650, and the highly anticipated Honda CBR. While the Honda CBR is poised to make its debut in the Indian market in the coming months, it adds a layer of excitement to this burgeoning segment. In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll delve into various aspects to help enthusiasts make an informed choice.

1. Design:

  • Triumph Daytona 660: This sleek and sharply designed offering from Triumph commands attention with its split LED headlight setup and a distinct British aesthetic. Available in multiple paint schemes, including Satin Granite with Satin Jet Black, Snowdonia White with Sapphire Black, and Carnival Red with Sapphire Black, it exudes sophistication.
  • Kawasaki Ninja 650: Sporting a split LED headlight and a slightly bulkier fuel tank, the Ninja 650 maintains a youthful appeal. However, it might lack the Daytona’s finesse in terms of streamlined design. It’s offered in a single paint scheme of Lime Green.
  • Honda CBR: While specific design details haven’t been disclosed, Honda’s legacy suggests a commitment to stylish and aerodynamic designs, adding an intriguing element to the segment.
Kawasaki Ninja 650

2. Features:

  • Triumph Daytona 660: Setting a high standard in this department, the Daytona 660 is loaded with features. LED illumination, a TFT display with optional smartphone connectivity for turn-by-turn navigation, call, music, and SMS control, ride modes (Road, Rain, and Sport), traction control, and dual-channel ABS contribute to an advanced riding experience.
  • Kawasaki Ninja 650: Equipped with LED illumination, a TFT display with smartphone connectivity for call and SMS access, traction control, and ABS, the Ninja 650 offers a well-rounded set of features. However, it misses out on specific ride modes, which could be a consideration for some riders.
  • Honda CBR: While details about its features are eagerly awaited, the mention of the E-clutch system, allowing the bike to be ridden without the clutch, adds an intriguing aspect. If introduced, this system could make the CBR stand out in terms of innovation and rider convenience.
Triumph Daytona 660

3. Engine:

  • Triumph Daytona 660: Powering ahead with a potent inline three-cylinder 660cc engine, the Daytona 660 delivers an impressive 95bhp at 11,250rpm and 69Nm at 8,250rpm. It is coupled with a six-speed gearbox and offers an optional quickshifter, promising an exhilarating and responsive ride.
  • Kawasaki Ninja 650: Featuring a 649cc parallel-twin motor, the Ninja 650 produces 68bhp and 64Nm, providing commendable performance. It comes with a six-speed gearbox, delivering a smooth and reliable riding experience.
  • Honda CBR: Anticipation surrounds the engine specifications of the Honda CBR. Honda’s reputation for producing engines that balance power and efficiency adds an element of expectation to its entry into the middleweight sport tourer segment.

4. Hardware:

  • Triumph Daytona 660: The Daytona 660 boasts impressive hardware, including Showa 41mm Separate Function Big Piston front forks and a preload-adjustable monoshock. It features twin 310mm front discs and a single 220mm rear disc with ABS. The braking hardware is linked to 17-inch wheels wrapped in a 120/70 front and 180/55 rear tire, ensuring a dynamic and controlled ride.
  • Kawasaki Ninja 650: With 41mm telescopic front forks and an offset-linked rear shock, the Ninja 650 offers stability on the road. It comes with a twin 300mm front and a single 220mm rear disc mounted on 17-inch wheels, shod with 120/70 front and 160/60 rear tires.
  • Honda CBR: Specifics on the hardware, especially the implementation of the E-clutch system, will play a crucial role in determining the CBR’s appeal. Honda’s commitment to innovative features could set it apart in this aspect.
Honda CBR

5. Price:

  • Triumph Daytona 660: The expected price of around Rs. 9 lakh (ex-showroom) positions the Daytona 660 as a premium offering in the middleweight sport tourer segment.
  • Kawasaki Ninja 650: Currently retailing at Rs. 7.16 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), the Ninja 650 is a more budget-friendly option, providing a competitive choice for riders.
  • Honda CBR: The pricing of the Honda CBR is yet to be revealed. Given Honda’s reputation for reliability and competitive pricing, its positioning in the market will be closely watched.
Kawasaki Ninja 650


As the Indian market eagerly awaits the arrival of the Honda CBR, the Triumph Daytona 660 and Kawasaki Ninja 650 present compelling choices for enthusiasts. Each bike brings its unique strengths to the table, be it the Daytona’s power, Ninja’s affordability, or the potential innovation of the CBR’s E-clutch system. The battle in the middleweight sport-tourer segment is set to intensify, offering riders an exciting array of options to suit their preferences and riding styles. Whether it’s the thrill of power, the allure of innovative features, or the appeal of budget-friendly performance, these bikes cater to a diverse range of riders, making the middleweight sport tourer segment one of the most exciting and competitive arenas in the Indian motorcycle market.

Triumph Daytona 660
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Motorcycle Comparison: Triumph Daytona 660 vs Kawasaki Ninja 650 vs Honda CBR

Aspect Triumph Daytona 660 Kawasaki Ninja 650 Honda CBR
Design Sleek and sharp, multiple paint schemes Youthful with split LED headlight Details awaited
Features LED illumination, TFT display, ride modes, ABS LED illumination, TFT display, ABS Details awaited, potential E-clutch system
Engine 660cc, 95bhp, inline-three 649cc, 68bhp, parallel-twin Details awaited
Hardware Showa forks, monoshock, ABS Telescopic forks, linked rear shock, ABS Details awaited, potential E-clutch system
Price (Ex-showroom) Approx. Rs. 9 lakh Rs. 7.16 lakh (Delhi) Details awaited
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What makes the Triumph Daytona 660 stand out in terms of design?

The Daytona 660 boasts a sleek and sharp design with a split LED headlight setup and multiple paint schemes, exuding a distinct British flair.

2. What features contribute to the advanced riding experience of the Triumph Daytona 660?

Loaded with features such as LED illumination, TFT display with smartphone connectivity, ride modes, traction control, and dual-channel ABS, the Daytona 660 sets a high standard.

3. How does the engine performance of the Kawasaki Ninja 650 compare?

The Ninja 650 features a 649cc parallel-twin motor producing 68bhp and 64Nm, delivering commendable performance and a smooth riding experience with a six-speed gearbox.

4. What innovative feature does the Honda CBR potentially offer?

While details are awaited, the Honda CBR might introduce the E-clutch system, allowing the bike to be ridden without the clutch, adding an intriguing aspect to its features.

5. What sets the Triumph Daytona 660 apart in terms of hardware?

The Daytona 660 boasts impressive hardware, including Showa front forks, preload-adjustable monoshock, and robust braking with ABS, ensuring a dynamic and controlled ride.

6. Does the Kawasaki Ninja 650 offer a budget-friendly option?

Yes, the Ninja 650 is currently priced at Rs. 7.16 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi), making it a more budget-friendly choice for riders.

7. What is the expected pricing of the Triumph Daytona 660 in India?

The Daytona 660 is expected to be priced around Rs. 9 lakh (ex-showroom), positioning it as a premium offering in the middleweight sport tourer segment.

8. Are there specific ride modes available on the Kawasaki Ninja 650?

The Ninja 650, while equipped with features like LED illumination, TFT display, traction control, and ABS, misses out on specific ride modes available on some competitors.

9. What role does the potential E-clutch system play in the Honda CBR?

If introduced, the E-clutch system on the Honda CBR would allow the bike to be ridden without the clutch, enhancing rider convenience while retaining the fun aspect of gear changes.

10. How do the pricing and features of these motorcycles cater to diverse rider preferences?

The diverse pricing, features, and innovations across the Triumph Daytona 660, Kawasaki Ninja 650, and Honda CBR offer riders an array of choices, catering to preferences ranging from power enthusiasts to those seeking budget-friendly options and innovative features.


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