Hero MotoCorp Unveils Premium Showroom ‘Hero Premia’ to Target Aspirational Motorcycle Market


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Hero MotoCorp, one of India’s leading two-wheeler manufacturers, is making significant moves to position itself as an aspirational brand in the premium motorcycle segment. The company recently inaugurated its first premium-exclusive showroom called ‘Hero Premia’ as part of a three-pronged strategy to capture the rapidly growing market for premium two-wheelers.

Inaugural Showroom in Kozhikode, Kerala

Source – ET Auto

The inaugural Hero Premia dealership opened its doors in Kozhikode, Kerala. This strategic step is driven by the company’s ambition to attract a new generation of young, aspirational buyers and compete effectively in the premium motorcycle space, amid fierce competition from its peers.

A Diverse Range of Premium Motorcycles

The ‘Hero Premia showrooms are designed to provide a distinctive and immersive marketing experience for a diverse range of customers. They will feature Hero MotoCorp’s newly launched premium motorcycles, including the Harley Davidson X440, the Karizma XMR, and the electric scooter Vida V1. To enhance the customer experience, the showrooms will be divided into various ‘zones,’ including urban and street motorcycling zones.

Source – Rushlane.com

Hero MotoCorp’s Three-Pronged Premium Strategy

Hero MotoCorp’s three-pronged strategy for its premium motorcycle business focuses on three key pillars: building a robust portfolio of premium products, strengthening its distribution network, and scaling up its presence in the electric vehicle (EV) market. These strategic moves are aimed at consolidating the company’s position in the premium two-wheeler segment, where it has faced challenges in the past.

Source – Autocar India

Creating an Immersive Customer Experience

Hero Premia showrooms are designed to offer a modern and engaging experience to visitors, with a focus on modern architecture, appealing design, and new-age digital technologies. A team of professionally trained sales consultants will be available to offer personalized sales advice based on customers’ mobility needs.

CEO’s Vision: Differentiated Retail Experience

Hero MotoCorp’s CEO, Niranjan Gupta, has emphasized creating a differentiated retail experience for premium customers. The company plans to revamp physical spaces, upgrade a significant portion of its existing dealerships to ‘Hero 2.0’ showrooms, and establish exclusive premium stores that showcase its entire range of premium products, including electric vehicles.

Strengthening the Premium Portfolio

Gupta has also highlighted the need for strong brands in the premium segment. The company’s collaboration with Hero aims to address this need and create a stronger presence in the premium motorcycle market. Hero MotoCorp’s commitment to the premium segment is evident in the number of new models launched this year, a significant expansion of its product portfolio.

Source – Auto X

Expanding ‘Hero Premia’ Nationwide

In addition to the existing premium products, Hero MotoCorp plans to introduce more showrooms under the ‘Hero Premia’ banner across the country. These showrooms will be crucial in shaping how the Indian audience perceives the brand. The company is actively exploring the premium motorcycle and electric vehicle segments to become a significant player in India’s evolving two-wheeler market.

Conclusion: A Promising Future in Premium Motorcycles

In summary, Hero MotoCorp’s foray into the premium motorcycle market with ‘Hero Premia’ represents a pivotal step in the company’s strategy to position itself as an aspirational brand. With a strong portfolio of premium products, an enhanced distribution network, and a growing presence in the EV market, Hero MotoCorp is poised to make a significant impact in the competitive world of premium two-wheelers. The ‘Hero Premia showrooms promise to offer customers a unique and immersive retail experience, reinforcing the company’s commitment to delivering premium and innovative mobility solutions.

Source – Carandbike.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Hero MotoCorp’s new premium showroom ‘Hero Premia’

1. What is ‘Hero Premia’?

– Hero Premia is Hero MotoCorp’s first premium-exclusive showroom, designed to offer an elevated and immersive retail experience for premium motorcycles and scooters.

2. Where is the inaugural Hero Premia showroom located?

– The first Hero Premia showroom opened in Kozhikode, Kerala.

3. What kind of motorcycles and scooters can I find at Hero Premia?

– Hero Premia showcases Hero MotoCorp’s premium products, including the Harley Davidson X440, Karizma XMR, and the electric scooter Vida V1.

4. Are there different sections or zones within Hero Premia showrooms?

– Yes, Hero Premia features ‘zones’ that include urban and street motorcycling zones, offering a distinctive marketing experience for diverse customer preferences.

5. What is Hero MotoCorp’s three-pronged strategy for its premium motorcycle business?

– The strategy focuses on building a strong product portfolio, strengthening the distribution network, and scaling up the presence in the electric vehicle (EV) market.

6. How will Hero Premia create an immersive customer experience?

– Hero Premia showrooms are designed with modern architecture, appealing design, and new-age digital technologies. Trained sales consultants provide personalized advice based on customers’ mobility needs.

7. What models have been introduced in the premium category this year by Hero MotoCorp?

– The company has launched new premium models, including the Karizma XMR and the Harley-Davidson X440.

8. How does Hero MotoCorp plan to revamp its distribution strategy for premium products?

– The company is upgrading up to 40% of its dealers to ‘Hero 2.0’ showrooms, which will house premium brands. They are also creating exclusive, premium stores for showcasing the entire premium range, including EVs.

9. Why is a differentiated retail experience important in the premium segment?

– Customers in the premium segment are discerning, requiring a higher level of retail experience. Hero MotoCorp aims to address this by creating a facelift of its retail spaces and offering exclusive premium showrooms.

10. Are there plans to expand the ‘Hero Premia’ concept beyond the inaugural showroom?

– Yes, Hero MotoCorp plans to introduce more ‘Hero Premia’ showrooms nationwide, extending its reach to cater to the growing demand for premium motorcycles and scooters.


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