In India, there are six upcoming electric scooters.


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Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki On October 6, 2022, by Team Representational Due to their practicality, affordability, and VFM package, electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular in the country. With electric scooters becoming increasingly popular in India, many brands are planning to expand their electric portfolio in the country, with as many as six major brands preparing to launch new electric scooters in the Indian market.

Definition of electric scooter

An electric scooter is a riding device with two or three wheels, handlebars, and a footboard that is powered entirely by an electric motor and human power.

Hero Vida Electric Scooter No. 1

Hero Motocorp will soon release its first electric scooter in India. Vida is a brand name used in India. This new scooter will be unveiled on October 7 and is expected to cost between Rs 1 and Rs 1.20 lakh (ex-showroom). More information, such as the official range, battery specifications, and motor power output, is still unknown.

Honda Electric Scooter No. 2

The upcoming Honda electric scooter is expected to make its Indian debut soon, most likely under the Activa brand name. This electric scooter will have a range of around 100 kilometres on a single charge and will be compatible with multiple charging methods. The Japanese company is expected to price this scooter at around Rs 1.15 lakh (ex-showroom) and will reveal more details soon.

3rd Yamaha Electric Scooter

Soon after its European debut, the Yamaha Neo electric scooter is expected to arrive on Indian shores in early 2023. A 19.2 Ah lithium-ion battery pack powers a 2.5 kW motor with a rated torque output of 136 Nm in this new Yamaha electric scooter. This scooter is expected to compete with rivals such as the Ather 450X and will be priced between Rs 1.25 and 1.3 lakh (ex-showroom).

Suzuki Burgman Electric Scooter, 4th.

The Suzuki Burgman electric scooter was recently spotted testing in India and is expected to make its Indian debut soon. The Suzuki Burgman is one of the country’s most aggressive-looking scooters, and the electric version is expected to have a similar stance. Although the official specifications have not been released, the brand is expected to provide a real-world range of around 100 km on a single charge.

TVS No.5 Electric Scooter

Following the launch of the new iQube in India, TVS is now expected to launch the new iQube ST in the coming months. In addition, the brand intends to expand its electric portfolio by releasing a more affordable electric scooter in late 2023 or 2024. The iQube ST will be a powerful package, with a real-world range of more than 120–130 kilometres on a single charge. TVS will soon release additional information.

electric scooter by Bajaj The Bajaj Chetak was one of India’s first electric scooters. market and will soon receive a major update The new Chetak will have new looks, improved features, a longer range, and more features. In addition, Bajaj is expected to release a less expensive electric scooter with a smaller battery pack.

Honda Activa E, Simple One, Yamaha Neo, and other electric scooters on the way in India

Given the country’s growing economy and consequent interest in investing in comfortable modes of personal transportation, the Indian automotive calendar is always packed. However, in recent years, the Indian automotive space has been flooded with a plethora of electric vehicles, which is a welcome change in these times of high fuel prices. The shift in the spectrum has also resulted in a significant increase in interest in electric scooters, which now appear to be the best option, offering a good mix of low initial investment and low operating costs. We’ve compiled a list of upcoming electric scooters in India that will join the Ather 450, Ola S1 Pro, Bajaj Chetak, Bounce Infinity E1, and TVS i-Qube on your wish list.

India’s Upcoming Electric Scooters

Here’s a quick rundown of the upcoming electric scooters that are expected to arrive in India soon.

  1. The Easy One

The Simple One from Simple Energy is getting closer to reality, with the Bengaluru-based startup planning to deliver its e-scooters in June 2022. The company has already announced the electric scooter with a sticker in India. Before subsidies, the price is Rs 1,09,999 (ex-showroom). Potential buyers can pre-order the Simple One scooter online for Rs 1,947. The e-scooter has already received over 30,000 bookings, which is understandable given its claimed 236km range, 105kmph top speed, and 2.95second 0–40kmph time.

The company recently announced that a higher-spec variant will be available to customers for a sticker price of Rs 1.45 lakh and will come with an additional battery pack that will give its rider a range of 300 km on a full charge. In India, the e-scooter will compete with the Ola S1 Pro and Ather 450x.

  1. Okhi Okinawa 90.

The Okinawa Okhi 90 premium electric scooter is set to be released. It is expected to launch in the Indian market as early as March 24th, with some promising rumours surrounding it thus far. With a rumoured 150+km riding range and a top speed of 80 to 90kmph, the Okhi 90 will compete with the Simple One and Ola S1 Pro. The scooter was recently teased, and it features an LED lighting assembly up front.

This e-scooter is expected to debut with technologically advanced features such as a fast-charging battery pack that can charge from 0 to 100% in 3-4 hours, LED lighting setup, large alloy wheels, a Bluetooth-compatible fully digital instrument console, connected features via onboard eSIM, geo-fencing, navigation, diagnostics, and riding modes. When it comes to the Okinawa Okhi 90, it will also take a different approach. When it comes to styling, it could have a sporty motorcycle-like design with large wheels and minimal fairings all around.

  1. E3 Honda Activa

The Honda Activa, one of the most popular and longest-running scooters, is getting an electric version. Honda has confirmed that it is developing a Honda Activa E with swappable battery technology, similar to the Bounce Infinity E1 e-scooter. Users will be able to charge their batteries at home or swap out a discharged battery for a charged one at swap stations. There is no information yet on the Honda Activa E’s range, top speed, or charge time. The company has confirmed that the electric scooter will be available in India during the next fiscal year, 2023–24.

Honda has also set up a Honda Power Pack Energy India Private Limited based in Bengaluru, indicating the company’s growing interest in the EV space.

  1. e-scooters from Yamaha Neo

The well-known Japanese automaker will now enter the EV market through its Neo scooter brand. The company has introduced two new electric scooters, the full release of which is scheduled for March 3rd. The Yamaha Neo electric scooters are said to be 50cc and 125cc ICE models with sporty styling, practicality, and good performance.

The new e-scooter will most likely be derived from the E01 and E02 concepts from 2019. The larger of the two, the E01, is expected to deliver performance comparable to a 125cc scooter. The scooter could have maxi-scooter styling and may come to be known as the EMAX. The E02 will be the smaller of the two, with performance comparable to a 50cc scooter. Both scooters are expected to be belt-driven and powered by a BLDC motor and a removable Li-ion battery pack. Initially, the scooters are expected to be sold in Europe. Yamaha may think about introducing these new scooters to the Indian market as well.

  1. e-scooter

Interestingly, Piaggio has also officially confirmed that the company is working on an EV product, which will most likely be launched under the Vespa brand. Piaggio Vespa is a global brand and one of India’s first high-end two-wheeler brands. Vespa is a well-known brand. high aspirational worthDespite the fact that the market has opened up to multiple brands in various price segments, Vespas continue to be the epitome of Italian style and elegance.

Diego Graffi, Managing Director of Piaggio India, has stated that the company is developing a product from the ground up rather than using off-the-shelf components. The company intends to build low-powered e-scooters, particularly for India, and will not import electrified products from its European portfolio. Piaggio also wants to build a strong and sustainable ecosystem that will provide stability even after the Indian government gradually phases out incentives for EV adoption.

  1. e-scooter LML

LML, or Lohia Machinery, is a brand that dates back to the early days of the Indian automotive industry and is best known for its collaboration with Piaggio to sell Vespa scooters and even motorcycles The defunct company is making a comeback with a 100% ‘Make in India’ initiative, and you guessed it, its future is electric! LML Electric’s MD and CEO, Dr Yogesh Bhatia, has confirmed that the company is working on a project to develop a product for the urban upper-middle-class segment. The upcoming LML e-scooter should take major cues from its predecessors while also aiming to channel the infrastructure and manufacturing know-how of its new partner company, Saera Electric Auto.

LML intends to use Saera’s Bawal plant in Haryana, which has a footprint of 2.17 lakh square feet and a capacity of 18,000 tonnes per year. month. LML plans to launch a range of EV products by 2025, with a budget of around Rs 1,000 crores to spend over the next three to five years.

Electric Scooter Charging Methods

It is very simple to charge an electric scooter. However, there are a few steps that can be taken to extend the potential life of the scooter’s battery.

To begin, allow your scooter to cool before charging.

Before charging, turn off the scooter.

Use only the original charger.

  • Always charge in a cool, dry, and room temperature environment.
  • Keep charging until the battery is completely charged.
  • Don’t make the battery die.
  • Avoid overchanging at all costs.
  • Void riding immediately after charging.

The Benefits of an Electric Scooter

  • Electric scooters are environmentally friendly.
  • Riders are responsible. No driving licence is required.
  • The design is straightforward and simple to use.
  • There are no greenhouse gas emissions.
  • It does not pollute the environment.
  • This saves energy.
  • It has a very low operating cost.
  • The use of electric scooters is extremely limited.
  • It was very simple to find a parking spot.
  • It allows riders to travel without encountering traffic.
  • produces very little noise pollution.


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