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Mahindra & Mahindra, a stalwart in the Indian automotive industry, has recently raised the bar with the launch of the 2024 iteration of its flagship SUV, the XUV700. Beyond a mere facelift, this updated model boasts a slew of new features, interior refinements, and an eye-catching exterior paint shade. In this detailed exploration, we delve into the intricacies of the new XUV700, exploring its pricing, key features, engine specifications, safety credentials, and how it stands tall against its competitors.

Source – Mahindra Auto

Pricing and Variants:
The 2024 Mahindra XUV700 lineup is a testament to versatility, catering to diverse preferences with five distinct variants – MX, AX3, AX5, AX7, and AX7L. The pricing spectrum starts at an enticing Rs. 13.99 lakh for the base MX variant and extends up to Rs. 26.57 lakh for the range-topping AX7L variant, positioning it as a compelling option in the competitive SUV segment.

Noteworthy Features:
Distinguishing itself in the crowded SUV market, the XUV700 now boasts ventilated front seats, memory ORVMs, and captain seats for the second row. These additions elevate the driving and passenger experience to new heights. The interior exudes modernity, featuring a floating panel housing two 10.25-inch screens that grant access to cutting-edge features such as wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. Complementing this are a panoramic sunroof, 360-degree camera, dual-zone climate control, electronic parking brake, wireless charging, and a robust safety suite inclusive of seven airbags.

Source – Mahindra Auto

Exterior Updates:
Mahindra has not merely revamped the XUV700’s features but has also given it a visual makeover. The introduction of the Napoli black exterior paint shade injects a fresh appeal, harmonizing with other available colors – Everest White, Midnight Black, Dazzling Silver, Electric Blue, and Red Rage. The exterior design elements, including all-LED headlamps, C-shaped LED DRLs, 18-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels, flush-fitting door handles, and a shark-fin antenna, collectively contribute to the SUV’s captivating aesthetic.

Source – Mahindra Auto

Engine and Performance:
The XUV700 caters to a range of driving preferences with two engine options. The 2.0-litre Turbo GDi mStallion petrol engine delivers a robust 195bhp and 380Nm, offering a choice between a six-speed manual or a torque converter automatic. Meanwhile, the diesel variant features a 2.2-litre mHawk engine, available in two tunes – 153bhp and 360Nm for the MX variant and a higher 182bhp with variable torque outputs for the AX version. The XUV700 ensures a dynamic and responsive driving experience, catering to diverse driving styles.

Safety Assurance:
Safety is a paramount concern for Mahindra, and the XUV700 reaffirms this commitment. Achieving a five-star rating in the Global NCAP crash test, the SUV provides an extra layer of reassurance for potential buyers, solidifying its status as a safe and reliable choice in the market.

Market Response and Milestones:
Since its debut in August 2021, the XUV700 has not just been an SUV; it’s been a success story. Surpassing the impressive 1,40,000 unit sales milestone, the XUV700 has demonstrated its popularity and market acceptance. This milestone underlines its prowess in the competitive landscape, standing tall against rivals in the SUV segment.

In unveiling the 2024 XUV700, Mahindra has not only redefined its flagship SUV but has set a benchmark for the industry. The amalgamation of style, performance, and safety features makes the XUV700 an enticing prospect for SUV enthusiasts. As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, Mahindra’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction is evident in the refined and feature-packed XUV700, offering a glimpse into the future of SUV excellence.

Aspect Details
  • MX: Rs. 13.99 lakh
  • AX3: Rs. 16.39 lakh
  • AX5: Rs. 17.69 lakh
  • AX7: Rs. 21.29 lakh
  • AX7L: Rs. 23.99 lakh
Engine Options
  • 2.0L Turbo GDi mStallion (Petrol)
  • Power: 195bhp, Torque: 380Nm
  • Transmission: 6-speed Manual / Torque Converter Automatic
  • 2.2L mHawk (Diesel)
  • Power (MX Variant): 153bhp, Torque: 360Nm
  • Power (AX Variant): 182bhp, Torque (Manual): 420Nm, Torque (Automatic): 450Nm
  • Ventilated Front Seats
  • Memory ORVMs
  • Captain Seats (AX7, AX7L)
  • 10.25-inch Infotainment Screens
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • 360-degree Camera
  • Dual-zone Climate Control
  • Electronic Parking Brake
  • Wireless Charging
  • Seven Airbags
  • All-LED Headlamps with C-shaped DRLs
  • 18-inch Diamond-cut Alloy Wheels
  • Flush-fitting Door Handles
  • Shark-fin Antenna
  • New Napoli Black Exterior Paint
  • Color Options: Everest White, Midnight Black, Dazzling Silver, Electric Blue, Red Rage
  • Five-star Global NCAP Crash Test Rating
Market Response
  • 1,40,000+ Unit Sales Milestone (Since August 2021)

XUV700 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the available variants of the 2024 Mahindra XUV700?

The XUV700 is offered in five variants: MX, AX3, AX5, AX7, and AX7L, catering to a range of preferences and requirements.

2. Can you provide an overview of the pricing for each XUV700 variant?

  • MX: Rs. 13.99 lakh
  • AX3: Rs. 16.39 lakh
  • AX5: Rs. 17.69 lakh
  • AX7: Rs. 21.29 lakh
  • AX7L: Rs. 23.99 lakh

3. What are the engine options available for the Mahindra XUV700?

The XUV700 offers two engine options:

  • 2.0L Turbo GDi mStallion (Petrol): 195bhp, 380Nm, 6-speed Manual / Torque Converter Automatic
  • 2.2L mHawk (Diesel): Varies based on variant (153bhp/360Nm or 182bhp/420Nm manual, 182bhp/450Nm automatic)

4. What standout features does the XUV700 offer in terms of comfort and convenience?

Notable features include ventilated front seats, memory ORVMs, captain seats for the second row (AX7 and AX7L variants), and a modern floating panel with two 10.25-inch screens.

5. Tell me about the safety credentials of the Mahindra XUV700.

The XUV700 has achieved a five-star rating in the Global NCAP crash test, underscoring its commitment to safety and occupant protection.

6. Are there any exterior updates in the 2024 XUV700?

Yes, the 2024 XUV700 introduces an all-new Napoli black exterior paint shade, along with other color options, contributing to a refreshed exterior look.

7. Can you highlight the technological features in the Mahindra XUV700’s interior?

The XUV700 boasts a modern floating panel with two 10.25-inch screens, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, and AdrenoX-connected car technology.

8. How does the Mahindra XUV700 perform in terms of sales since its launch?

The XUV700 has surpassed the 1,40,000 unit sales milestone since its launch in August 2021, showcasing its popularity in the market.

9. Are there any mechanical changes in the updated 2024 XUV700?

No, there are no mechanical changes. The SUV retains its petrol and diesel engines, providing a consistent and reliable performance.

10. What distinguishes the updated AX7 and AX7L variants from the rest?

The AX7 and AX7L variants offer additional features such as captain seats for the second row, ventilated front seats (AX7L), a unique Napoli black exterior paint, and a distinctive black theme with dual-tone options.


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