Top 10 SUVs in September 2023


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Well, the talk of the world for the last few years is SUVs, they have become the favorites of You and I, today. The reason for this great achievement by this segment specifically is because of the sheer comfort and practicality being offered by SUVs along with public appeal. Especially when it comes to India, SUVs are nothing less than superstars as every SUV being sold in India enjoys a great fan following, just like a superstar. So much so, now every Indian eyes to have an SUV  as a car most preferably.

Let’s check out some of the best-selling SUVs in India in the last month of September 2023 in India:

CarSeptember 2023August 2023 September 2022
Scorpio / N11,8469,8989,536
Grand Vitara11,73611,8184,769
Urban Cruiser Hyryder3,8044,1211,163

A few things, we are not considering any of the glorified SUVs as an SUV since an SUV has to be over 4 meters in length to qualify as an SUV, hence we are not discussing cars like Nexon, Brezza, Venue, Sonet, and many more today.


Creta is one of the top rank SUVs in September 2023
Source – Hyundai India

The top tier as always since ages, has been the crown of most sold SUV in India with Hyundai Creta since the very entry in our country. Killed many rivals and buried many on its way to the throne, the Hyundai Creta is the rightful SUV to be awarded the throne today. For numbers, the sales were clocked at a high of 12,217 units for the month of September 2023, which was 1,115 units less than the last month of August 2023 and 149 units less than the figures of September 2022.

Scorpio / N

Scorpio / N is comes under top 10 SUVs in Indian market in 2023
Source – Mahindra India

The second favorite has emerged as Mahindra Scorpio / Scorpio N, the big daddy of the Indian SUV market as claimed are actually performing too well when it comes to sales and not just reels for a long period of time. All this success of this Indian SUV goes to the rich heritage it possesses in the market almost 2 decades back. The first ever Scorpio came to us and since then there has been no looking back. Moreover, it is crucial to note that it’s not just India, this car is really performing great in International markets of Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand too. The duo claimed a sales mark of 11,846 in spite of a very long waiting period, nearly the highest seen by any mass-market car in India. These figures are more than last month’s 1,948 units and 2,310 units over September 2022.

Grand Vitara

Top speed of Grand Vitara is 175 kmph.
Source – Maruti Suzuki Nexa India

The people’s brand India, Maruti Suzuki recently entered the league with an all-new car but an old but gold nameplate of Maruti Suzuki’s Grand Vitara. Made in collaboration with Toyota, this car’s highlight is Toyota’s reliable Hybrid powertrain which gives almost double the mileage the rest of the competition, without any compromise over features. The sexy-looking Grand Vitara clocked nearly 11,736 units in the month of September 2023 which is just 82 units less than August 2023 but nearly 6,967 units more in comparison to September 2022, nearly doubling the growth since last year!


Kia Seltos is one of the popular, stylish SUVs with powerful engine.
Source – KIA India

The fourth position is claimed by the sister of the King, the all-new Kia Seltos, recently updated with all gizmos and gadgets it sold really great this time which marked over 10,588 units in the month of September 2022. These figures are less when compared to August 2023 by 140 units and 442 units less than September 2022 sales. The decline can be attributed to a halt in bookings and manufacturing to make way for the newer facelift which was launched very recently. It now gets a panoramic sunroof with ADAS and 6 airbags standard which was long awaited. We expect Kia Seltos to soon catch up with the mates and show growth on the table for the staple car that Kia has in India.


Bolero is best SUV in September 2023
Source – Mahindra India

The fifth entrant to the list was another Indian car which has a cult following in India. The Mahindra Bolero is known for its rugged appeal and all goes nature without a single disappointment. This trust got a mark of 9,519 units in the month of September 2023 which is 427 units more than the month of August 2023 and 1,411 units more than September 2022. Mahindra achieved this all with bolero all these years with trust, functionality, and practicality on offer.


XUV700 is 5 seater SUVs with price range Rs.14.02  to 26.57 lakh in India.
Source – Mahindra India

The sixth position has been taken by one of the buzzing cars out there in the market, the car which bought the wave of smartest and safest cars in India, the Mahindra XUV 700. Known for getting every eye followed over the roads, and reached a mark of 8,555 units in September 2023 which is more than last August’s sales by 2,043 units and more than 2,492 units more than in September 2022. However, we all know that XUV is slated for an upgrade in the coming time since most cars are now matching it. By the way, just like Scorpio duo this car is also nailing in international markets of Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.


Honda Elevate is a 5 seater SUV available in a price range of Rs. 11 - 16 Lakh.
Source – Carwale India

The Japanese legend Honda, being out of the SUV arena in India, Honda entered with an all-new Elevate a few months ago. Elevate did the job right, with sales of 5,686 units in the month of September 2023, which was more than the last month of August by 2,863 units, and Honda is readying to elevate up in the market. However, being based in City we did expect it to come with one of the finest Hybrid powertrains being offered in the country and sadly it wasn’t there. A Hybrid powertrain can actually bump its sales by a great margin as many people are eyeing to buy a good car with a Hybrid powertrain in India.


Thar is available in 5 colors.
Source – Mahindra India

The tough off-roader, and system car of India, Mahindra Thar managed to grip itself over the eighth position in the month of September 2023 with a decent sales mark of 5,417 in the month of September 2023 which is a bit less than the previous month of August by 534 units, on the contrary, more than 1,168 units more than same month last year. It recently came into the limelight with the testing of the 5-door variant, the launch of the 4 X 2 variant, and showcasing Thar.e, the all-electric avatar.

Urban Cruiser Hyryder

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Ex showroom price is Rs 10.9 Lakh.
Source – Toyota Bharat

The world leader Toyota is also there in the game, with the ninth spot being grabbed by the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder which managed to make sales of 3,804 units in the month of September 2023 which is by the way 317 units less than last month and 2,641 units more than last year. However, it is interesting to note that sales are quite low when compared to its sister car Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara out there.


Kushaq is one of top 10 SUVs in September 2023.
Source – Skoda India

Well for the desserts it was simply clever Skoda who managed to outthrow Tata and got seats at 10th position in the list with its Skoda Kushaq which sold around 2,260 units in the month of September 2023, although less by 149 units than August 2023 and 36 units more than last year.

FAQs About Top 10 SUVs in September 2023

What are the top-selling SUVs in India for September 2023?

For the month, Hyundai Creta countinued to be the top seller in this category .

Which one will be better among Mahindra Scorpio or Scorpio N?

Honestly both, are awesomely good and offers great value for money. Mahindra Scorpio offers raw feel with minimal latest features being provided whereas Mahindra Scorpio N comes with all new today’s generation car with all most all features and great performance.

What makes the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara stand out, and how has it improved its sales figures compared to the previous year?

It’s the hybrid engine which makes it most stand out alongside it’s distinctive looks, increase demand is majorly due to demand of more fuel efficiency and trust factor which Maruti holds

Why did the Kia Seltos experience a decline in sales for September 2023?

An update was slated for Kia seltos which led reduction in sales since everyone was waiting for all new Kia Seltos.

Tell me more about the Mahindra XUV 700 and its international success.

Mahindra has recently started selling XUV700 in international markets of South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, where it’s gaining good amount of traction in these markets and even being compared with cars above it’s segment there.

How well did Honda Elevate perform in September 2023, and what could boost its sales further?

Being newly launched in very rough competition it’s has performed exceptionally well. A launch of Hybrid variant on lines of Honda City Hybrid would give a great push yo it.

What changes or developments have occurred with the Mahindra Thar recently?

Thar has recently come into the limelight with launch of 4×2 variant and international unveil of Thar.e , an all electric car based on Thar.

What’s the sales performance of the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder, and how does it compare to the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara?

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder is gaining good popularity and sales performance is quite decent as compared to it’s previous sales figures, however in comparison to it’s sister car Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara it’s sales are quite less, which maybe accounted to large dealer and service network of Maruti Suzuki.


There are new entrants and some cars who have lost traction of sales up thier in month of September however, Skoda Kushaq was one of the cars who was always knocking the door and at same time Toyota’s fortuner even having great fan base, yet don’t have sales among top 10. Honda being recently entered the segment has sold really well which shows people favour Honda as a brand and they should definitely continue the same.


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