TVS X Review: Pioneering the Electric Scooter Frontier


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TVS has set a new standard with the groundbreaking TVS X, an electric scooter that defies convention. A few months following its debut in Dubai, we had the privilege of experiencing this marvel on TVS’ Hosur test track. The TVS X often labeled a “crossover” due to its motorcycle-like frame but offering a scooter-like riding experience with its 12-inch wheels, is a topic of considerable discussion.

TVS X: Design and Craftsmanship

Source – TVS Motors India

The TVS X is an attention-grabber, boasting an exquisite design reminiscent of the popular Creon concept from 2018. With its exposed aluminum chassis, sleek headlamp, and aggressive rear section, the X is an embodiment of style. What truly distinguishes it are the intricate details, from the stalk-mounted mirrors to the adjustable hand levers and stylish alloy wheels. Owning a TVS X is a statement of luxury and desirability.

TVS X: Riding Dynamics

Source – TVS Motors India

Beyond aesthetics, the TVS X is engineered for an exhilarating riding experience, featuring a superbike-style twin-spar chassis. At its core lies a 4.4kWh battery pack (3.8kWh usable) and TVS’ inaugural in-house motor, delivering 11kW at peak power and 7kW nominally. Our brief test on TVS’ track revealed impressive acceleration, comfortably reaching 80kph and topping out at just over 100kph.

The throttle response is smooth, although minor delays and jerks at low speeds can be attributed to the sealed, maintenance-free silent chain in the final drive system. TVS is committed to fine-tuning this chain tension for a seamless experience. The chassis provides stability, although the front end feels slightly light during high-speed cornering. The riding position is well-balanced, catering to riders of various heights.

The braking is sharp at the front but overly sensitive at the rear. TVS acknowledges the need to recalibrate the rear brake to prevent lock-ups. Regenerative braking, with five selectable levels, adds an extra dimension to the X’s dynamic performance.

TVS X: Range and Charging

Source – TVS Motors India

The TVS X delivers solid performance but doesn’t rewrite the rulebook. TVS claims a range of 140km under IDC testing conditions, and real-world usage will determine its practicality. However, its charging capabilities are the true standout. The standard charger is a 950-watt portable unit, with an option for a 3kW fixed fast charger for home installation. Charging times are reasonable, taking 4.5 hours to reach 80 percent with the standard charger and 1 hour and 20 minutes with the fast charger.

TVS X: Features and Connectivity

Source – TVS Motors India

The TVS X distinguishes itself with a wealth of technology and connected features. The centerpiece is a massive 10.25-inch tilt-adjustable TFT display that seamlessly integrates with smartphones and smartwatches. The scooter’s OS is proprietary, offering a wide range of functions, surpassing the usual features like hill-hold, cruise control, geofencing, location sharing, and crash alerts.

Furthermore, the TVS X eliminates the need for a physical key, allowing you to start it using a pin, your smartphone, or an NFC key card. It even includes a built-in speaker, enabling users to watch videos and surf the internet while stationary. Real-time traffic updates, ETA, and weather forecasts are enhanced by Here Technologies and a built-in 4G e-sim. Data charges and the duration of free connected services are yet to be determined.

TVS X: Challenges

Source – TVS Motors India

Despite its remarkable features, the TVS X has its imperfections. Screen response could be smoother, and certain functions, like hazard lights and the power button, exhibit inconsistent responses. Notably, some scooters experienced unexpected motor shutdowns during rides, attributed to fast charging and aggressive riding. TVS has committed to resolving this issue before deliveries commence in December.

TVS X: Verdict

The TVS X has the potential to become a coveted and distinct EV, but its premium price of INR 2.50 lakh, along with an additional INR 16,250 for the charger (as it doesn’t qualify for FAME 2 subsidy), may raise questions. A closer examination reveals the value in its premium components, but when compared to other premium EVs, some consumers may seek more in terms of range and performance metrics.

Nonetheless, TVS deserves praise for its innovative approach. The TVS X’s success in India will offer valuable insights into the preferences and willingness to invest among the new generation of young, premium customers.

Key Takeaways and Conclusion

The TVS X is a groundbreaking electric scooter with remarkable design, performance, and connectivity features. However, minor issues require attention, and its premium pricing may give some consumers pause.

 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What sets the TVS X apart from other electric scooters?

  The TVS X distinguishes itself with its exceptional design, sporty performance, and advanced connectivity features.

  2. Is the pricing of the TVS X justified?

  While it may be relatively costly for an Indian EV scooter, the inclusion of premium components and innovative features adds to its value.

  3. How does the TVS X compare to other premium EV scooters?

  The TVS X competes well in terms of performance but may fall short in range when compared to some premium EV scooters.

  4. What are the noteworthy features of the TVS X’s display?

  The TVS X boasts a 10.25-inch TFT display that is tilt-adjustable and seamlessly integrates with smartphones and smartwatches.

  5. What issues have been reported with the TVS X?

  Users have reported minor problems with screen responsiveness and unexpected motor shutdowns, which TVS is committed to resolving.

  6. How does the TVS X handle regenerative braking?

  The TVS X offers five selectable levels of regenerative braking, enhancing the riding experience.

  7. What sets the TVS X apart from other scooters in terms of technology?

  The TVS X features a proprietary operating system with advanced functions, such as remote start and internet browsing.

  8. What is the estimated charging time for the TVS X?

  With a standard charger, the TVS X can reach 80 percent charge in about 4.5 hours, or 1 hour and 20 minutes with the fast charger.

  9. How does the TVS X handle high-speed cornering?

  While the TVS X provides a stable riding experience, the front end may feel slightly light during high-speed turns.

  10. When can we expect deliveries of the TVS X?

  TVS plans to commence deliveries in December after addressing any identified issues during testing.


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