Ducati Diavel V4 2024: A New Era of Power, Performance, and Elegance


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Since its groundbreaking debut in 2011, the Ducati Diavel has evolved into a global phenomenon, consistently securing its place as one of the best-selling models for Ducati in India and worldwide. As we step into 2024, the Diavel undergoes a radical transformation, embracing V4 power and bidding farewell to its iconic L-twin engine. This significant shift is accompanied by a departure from the traditional steel trellis frame, making way for an aluminum monocoque unit that not only contributes to a weight reduction of 13 kilograms but also enhances the bike’s agility. Let’s delve into the details of the Ducati Diavel V4 and explore the myriad changes that make it stand out in the motorcycle world.

Source – Ducati India

Performance and Powertrain:

At the heart of the Diavel V4 lies a 1,158cc V4 motor, a departure from its predecessor’s 1,262cc L-twin. Surprisingly, despite the reduction in displacement, the V4 motor packs more power, with an output of 168hp, a modest increase from the previous 162hp. The engine’s ability to rev higher adds a new dimension to the riding experience. While torque sees a marginal drop, the Diavel V4 still delivers an impressive 126Nm at the familiar 7,500rpm mark. The motor retains that unmistakable Ducati feel – thunderous and vibrating at low speeds, creating a connection between rider and machine that defines the Ducati experience.

Source – Ducati India

Real-world Usability:

One of the notable aspects of the Diavel V4 is Ducati’s successful effort to retain the raw, visceral identity of the bike while making it more user-friendly. The introduction of a cylinder deactivation system proves to be a game-changer, cutting off the rear bank at idle and under light engine load. This not only helps manage engine heat but also ensures a smoother experience in urban commuting conditions. Low-speed fueling is noticeably soft, bordering on dull in lower power modes such as Urban or Wet. However, the engine’s smooth performance above 3,000rpm aligns perfectly with the Diavel’s character, designed for exhilarating open-road rides rather than navigating bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Source – Ducati India

Comfort and Ride Quality:

While the Diavel V4 may not have been initially conceived for the chaos of an Indian metropolis, it surprisingly emerges as one of the most comfortable big-capacity Ducatis for city riding. The upright seating position, with less stretch forward to the handlebar, enhances overall comfort. The suspension, now featuring a Marzocchi/Sachs setup in place of the Ohlins system, proves to be more absorptive on uneven roads. The bike’s touring capabilities are highlighted, although caution is advised due to the slightly compromised ground clearance.

Handling and Dynamics:

The weight reduction in the Diavel V4 contributes to a lighter and more agile feel. While the 240-section rear tire still introduces heft and requires effort in steering, the Diavel’s dynamics surprise riders with improved agility. The chassis benefits from sharper dimensions, with a reduced wheelbase and trail, along with a slightly steeper steering rake angle. The result is a bike that, while not a sportbike, can keep up with most motorcycles on fast and flowing roads. The top-of-the-line Brembo Stylema brakes ensure that the bike’s acceleration is matched by powerful deceleration.

Source – Ducati India

Electronics, Design, and Quality:

Ducati maintains its reputation for cutting-edge electronics in the Diavel V4, offering a suite of features to enhance the overall riding experience. The up-and-down quick-shifter adds to the thrill, while the 5-inch TFT display provides a clear and comprehensive interface. However, opinions on the design are divided, with some finding it slightly over-styled and expressing concerns about the presence of sharp, roughly finished plastic edges.

Source – Ducati India


With the escalating prices in the Ducati lineup, the Diavel V4 comes with a premium tag, hovering around 30 lakhs on-road. However, the bike justifies its cost with its impressive performance, user-friendly enhancements, and the extension of valve clearance services to 60,000km. Despite the financial considerations, the Diavel V4 remains a statement motorcycle, successfully balancing posh aesthetics with a punchy, enjoyable riding experience. The 2024 model solidifies Diavel’s status as a likable and capable motorcycle, blending power, style, and usability in a way that only Ducati can achieve. As we embrace this new era of power and elegance, the Ducati Diavel V4 stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the world of motorcycling.

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Ducati Diavel V4 Specifications

Category Specification
Engine 1,158cc V4
Power 168hp
Torque 126Nm @ 7,500rpm
Frame Aluminium Monocoque
Weight 13kg lighter
Fuel Tank 20 litres
Suspension Marzocchi/Sachs (Fully Adjustable)
Brakes Brembo Stylema
Electronics Up and Down Quickshifter, 5-inch TFT Display
Price Approximately 30 lakhs on-road
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Ducati Diavel V4 FAQs

1. What is the engine displacement of the Ducati Diavel V4?

The Diavel V4 features a 1,158cc V4 engine.

2. How much power does the Diavel V4 produce?

The V4 engine produces an impressive 168hp.

3. Has the weight of the Diavel V4 been reduced compared to its predecessor?

Yes, the new model is 13 kilograms lighter than its predecessor.

4. What type of frame does the Diavel V4 utilize?

The traditional steel trellis frame has been replaced with an aluminum monocoque unit.

5. What is the fuel tank capacity of the Ducati Diavel V4?

The Diavel V4 is equipped with a 20-litre fuel tank.

6. How has the suspension system changed in the Diavel V4?

The V4 features a Marzocchi/Sachs setup, offering better absorption on uneven roads.

7. Are there any improvements in real-world usability?

Yes, a new cylinder deactivation system has been introduced to manage engine heat in idle and under light engine load.

8. How does the Diavel V4 handle in city traffic?

The Diavel V4 surprisingly proves to be one of the most comfortable big-capacity Ducatis for city riding, with an upright seating position.

9. Is the Diavel V4 suitable for touring?

Yes, the bike’s overall comfort and usability make it a potential touring companion, although caution is advised due to slightly compromised ground clearance.

10. What is the approximate on-road price of the Ducati Diavel V4?

The Ducati Diavel V4 is priced around 30 lakhs on-road, depending on the location.

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Conclusion: Elevating the Riding Experience with Ducati Diavel V4

The Ducati Diavel V4, with its transition to V4 power and a range of innovative features, marks a new era for this iconic motorcycle. The departure from the L-twin engine and the introduction of an aluminum monocoque frame have not only reduced weight but have significantly enhanced the bike’s agility and responsiveness.

Underneath the sculpted exterior lies a powerhouse of a motor, the 1,158cc V4, delivering a thrilling 168hp. The real-world usability improvements, including the cylinder deactivation system, make the Diavel V4 not just a raw and powerful machine but also a more user-friendly and versatile one.

Comfort and ride quality have been prioritized, making the Diavel V4 surprisingly suitable for city riding and even touring, although riders need to be mindful of the slightly compromised ground clearance. The handling has seen improvements, and the bike now feels lighter and more agile, further complemented by the advanced Brembo Stylema brakes.

Despite its premium price tag, the Diavel V4 justifies the cost with its impressive performance, cutting-edge electronics, and a design that, while subjective, retains the distinctive Ducati identity. The motorcycle encapsulates the spirit of the Diavel lineage, offering a balance of power, style, and usability that sets it apart in the ever-evolving world of motorcycling.

In conclusion, the Ducati Diavel V4 not only maintains its status as a statement motorcycle but elevates its character, providing riders with an endearing and exhilarating experience. As Ducati enthusiasts embrace this new chapter, the Diavel V4 stands as a testament to Ducati’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering motorcycles that resonate with both passion and practicality.


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