Royal Enfield Coming with 2 offroader bikes coming confirmed !


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Royal Enfield the Indian premium and one of the most loved motorcycles is back in to the headlines with 2 almost confirmed launches out there. Let’s talk about these launches in much more detail.

Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 : 7th November save the date !

Royal Enfield has been into the buzz for launching a lot of new bikes and updating since the very last 2 years in a row. Now, they are ready to up more heights with their all new Himalayan 450 which is slated to arrive on 7th November in style.

Source – Royal Enfield’s Instagram page

Royal Enfield shared initially an Instagram reel and a post on X (formerly known as twitter)  of the upcoming Himalayan 450 which displayed a wide variety of features and specifications out there in public. This first teaser of the motorcycle reveals a good amount of details such that only changes shown in teaser if done and rest of the bike is same it will be worthy to be called as next generation of the motorcycle. However, it will be interesting to know whether Royal Enfield plans to keep Himalayan 450 as the next generation to current Royal Enfield Himalayan 410 or are they looking to launch it as a separate iteration.  

One thing very sure with the Royal Enfield’s marketing quote is the upcoming Himalayan 450 is a hardcore off roader coming to all of us in just next month.

The noticeable changes with all new Royal Enfield are as follows: 

  1. Split piece seating
  2. Round LED headlamps
  3. High set front fender
  4. Larger fuel tank
  5. Revised handlebars and foot pegs
  6. Trellis frame

The New 450cc mill

The upcoming Himalayan 450 is expected to arrive with an all new 450cc liquid cooled, single cylinder engine expected to produce 40 bhp and 45 Nm of torque with a 6 speed transmission. It is also expected that it arrives now with a much needed slip & assist clutch too, a new front suspension with USD forks and much increased suspension travel. A demand that every new owner and enthusiast of Himalayan 410 has been asking Royal Enfield since ages now.

All new Features

In the features department we are expecting Royal Enfield to get some major updates in comparison to its rivals and other bikes in Royal Enfield’s stable. An exhaustive list of much needed features include connected technology with all its gizmos and gadgets, much better and reliable charging ports and plugin ports for various aftermarket accessories especially off road and travel oriented ones. 

Coming on to accessories we expect to have new luggage options, bash plates and knuckle guards  and a lot more accessories which can make bikers’ life way easier with the new Himayalam being more accessible than ever.

Just like ABS on and off kill switch we expect this Himalayan 450 to arrive with a similar thing for traction control with the bike.


Well sadly something which is not having any expected leads so far, pricing becomes a much of a hidden gem until 7th November the official launch of the bike. We highly expect it to arrive at an ex showroom price of INR 3 lakhs or less to give stiff competition to its rivals like KTM Adventure 390 and BMW 310 GS.

Royal Enfield’s (Sherpa) Scrambler 650 – Ready to hit the Jungle? 

Coming from various spy shots out there over trusted platforms Royal Enfield looks to bring (Sherpa) Scrambler 650 soon as it was spotted without camouflage and an almost production ready bike. It was tested recently in a facility in Australia and Europe.

Royal Enfield
(Image Source: Aeplcdn)

Upright seating with slightly raised back seat brings an affirmation over the stamp that it’s Scrambler and bigger block in the middle confirms it being a 648 cc model by Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield bike
(Image Source: Motoroctane)

Some of the other noticeable features include:

  • Basic LED setup in Head light and tail light
  • 18 inch rear wheel with spokes rims
  • 19 inch front wheel setup with spokes rim
  • Shod block pattern in both wheels
  • Upside down front forks
  • Single sided exhaust

Engine and Specifications 

Royal Enfield is expected to bring a much trusted 648cc mill that also powers a number of Royal Enfield’s portfolio including Interceptor 650, Continental 650, Super Meteor 650 and Continental GT. This big block is known to make a good amount of 47.65 PS and 52 Nm of torque with 6 speed transmission. 

However we expect it to have a little bit more longer suspension travel to make it more off road friendly than others along with a whole bunch of accessories we see around with Himayalan in the current lineup.

Launching and Pricing

The testing phase of Royal Enfield’s (Sherpa) Scrambler is its anticipated launch; we can see around Early to Mid 2024 only at Ex Showroom in territory of other 650s of Royal Enfield around INR 4 Lakhs.

Will the name be Sherpa?

Well a rumour that has very high potential to be true, Royal Enfield being an Indian-British brand is expected to name it as Sherpa to provide more appeal as the name Sherpa undermines the ability to of Sherpa people of India to be there at various mountains and hilly tracts in Himalayan mountain belts and certainly sounds something that create a extremely great market for the bike!

FAQs About Royal Enfield Coming with 2 offroader bikes coming confirmed !

1. What is the latest news about Royal Enfield’s motorcycle releases?

   – The latest news is that Royal Enfield is set to launch two new off-roader bikes.

2. Tell me about the upcoming launch of the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450.

   – The Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 is scheduled to be launched on 7th November.

3. What are the key changes and features in the new Royal Enfield Himalayan 450?

   – The upcoming Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 will feature changes such as split-piece seating, round LED headlamps, a high-set front fender, a larger fuel tank, revised handlebars and foot pegs, and a trellis frame.

4. What can we expect from the new 450cc engine in the Himalayan 450?

   – The Himalayan 450 is expected to come with a new 450cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine that is anticipated to produce 40 bhp and 45 Nm of torque with a 6-speed transmission.

5. What are the new features expected in the Himalayan 450 compared to other Royal Enfield models?

   – The new features expected in the Himalayan 450 include connected technology, reliable charging ports, and various accessories for off-road and travel.

6. What is the expected pricing for the Royal Enfield Himalayan 450, and how does it compare to rival models?

   – The pricing for the Himalayan 450 is not specified in the text, but it is expected to be competitive with rivals like the KTM Adventure 390 and BMW 310 GS.

7. Tell me about Royal Enfield’s (Sherpa) Scrambler 650 and its recent sightings.

   – The (Sherpa) Scrambler 650 is an upcoming model that has been spotted without camouflage and is nearing production readiness.

8. What are the distinctive features of the (Sherpa) Scrambler 650?

   – Distinctive features of the (Sherpa) Scrambler 650 include a basic LED setup in the headlight and tail light, spoke rims, block pattern wheels, upside-down front forks, and a single-sided exhaust.

9. What engine and specifications are expected for the (Sherpa) Scrambler 650?

   – The (Sherpa) Scrambler 650 is expected to be powered by a 648cc engine, similar to other Royal Enfield 650 models, producing approximately 47.65 PS and 52 Nm of torque with a 6-speed transmission.

10. When can we expect the (Sherpa) Scrambler 650 to be launched and at what price?

    – The expected launch date for the (Sherpa) Scrambler 650 is early to mid-2024, with an anticipated price around INR 4 Lakhs.


Well the all new Royal Enfield’s Himalayan 450 looks quite promising to us and we do hope the Royal Enfield brings the much expected updates which are quite essential for Himalayan are coming to it. Almost revealed one teaser is very promising and will give stiff competition to rivals if priced right.

It will be also interesting to see if they come with Scram based on all new 450cc engine as currently sold Scram by Royal Enfield shares a lot more with current Himalayan and we hope that is for sure in the pipeline and soon will be there in headlines with us.

Well the inclusion of a off road oriented 650cc market will definately fill the only gap that Royal Enfield had in it’s lineup.


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